Sunday, 24 April 2011

Jrock in england

I don't know anyone who likes jrock... No one at all. Apart from people online, on sites like JPA.
My friends all listen to the boring english pop music.
One says they like rock, but only in the form of linkin park, paramore ect...
She says she doesn't like jrock because its rubbish, but the real reason is because it's in Japanese.


What does language have to do with enjoying music?
Pfft. If you want to know what they are singing about, just look up the translation.

It's also very hard to find CD's over here... Tesco had a An Cafe cd, but it's out of stock... And they proberly will not get it back in stock again... HMV take the piss, i'm still waiting for stock to come in on a cd i orderd in march. Amazon charge what they like. A Gackt cd for £50 :o How are people supposed to be able to buy that?
The only place i can get cd's for reasonable prices is ebay. cdjapan seams a tad expensive for me. (Whats the other one called?)

I just love ebay, i'v goten all but 2 of my jrock cds from there. They are all in good condition too.

I would like to know people who live around me that like jrock. Guess that's not going to happen. Maybe i'll just move to Japan then ^_^ I want to move there eventually anyway...
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